Paramount Towing

Do you need to have a fleet of cars and trucks moved from your auto dealer showroom to the newest one in the center of the city of Paramount? Call us right away and we, from Paramount Towing, shall offer to do that for you!


paramount towingVehicles of all sizes and shapes are towed by us, and we shall offer to do the towing for vehicles of commercial or business purpose and even for personal purpose with the same care. Our rates are also quite reasonable, and since we have our dedication to doing the towing in Paramount quite seriously, we make sure that you get the best service too. We have our fleet of low bed dollies and enclosed trucks too and so, you shall be able to have us transport all kinds of vehicles. We do heavy duty Paramount Towing, and we also do motorcycle Paramount Towing and keeping in mind that we have to deliver in time.


Why choose us for Towing Paramount?
We in Paramount Towing have been around for ten years, and counting and so our knowledge of what works best for towing heavy duty vehicles or brand new vehicles is very high. We have trained staff who knows how to serve the clients in the best possible way. Call today 562 372 4661


Our telephone operators are updated at all the time and so if you need to know about the routes that we shall be taking this week for delivering the vehicles, then just call us. If you need to know if the cars are being transported in time, then ask our operators. To know the rates again, you may call our operators and give them few details of the vehicle or vehicles that you wish to transport. They shall be able to give you the right quotes for the same too.


towing paramountHiring our towing services in Paramount has never been easier than this! We have clear and steady tariff rates, and this means that if you are in need of towing a single motorcycle either today or tomorrow, the rates will not change. However, we would recommend that you plan the towing of your vehicles well ahead if you have a deadline to meet. So, if you know that you have a customer waiting for his car’s delivery by next fortnight, just call us at Paramount Towing, and inform us of the need. Similarly, we offer same day pick up just because of this urgency.


However, depending on the distance the towing would take time. So if you are planning to send your vehicle to the nearest city, then it shall take a maximum of three working days. We offer Paramount Towing at all times of the day, and we shall come and pick up the vehicle even on Sunday if you so need.


Your Convenience is our concern:
We, from Paramount Towing, have our fleet of modern trucks and low bed trucks so that you shall be able to transport your age- old vintage car from one part of the city to another. Now, this is one of our premier services, and this is why we top the list. We encourage our truck drivers to tow cautiously the vehicles and fasten them firmly to the trucks. Our trucks are checked for any loose fastenings and latches and locks so that the vehicles do not get loose in transit.

TOWING IN 90723 

However, our truck drivers are responsible enough to not let the cars become loose, and they also check the vehicles, and if they are in place or not at regular pit stops. We, from Paramount Towing, know that your vehicles are very precious to you, and so we ensure the vehicles during transit till the time they are delivered to the doorstep.

Towing Paramount and the emergency services:

towing in paramountWe, from Paramount Towing offer 24 hours emergency services so that in case you need any help while driving from one end of the city to another and at any time of the day, you shall be able to get that easily. We shall give you the fastest response as we have a fully functional 24 hours helpline that is set up for your ease. So, if your vehicle needs emergency towing, replacing car’s battery, replacing car’s ignition cylinder, or having the lockout rescue, we shall help you. We, from Paramount Towing, shall also offer to give you gas refill to wherever you are stranded of up to four gallons, and this will be of great use to you. So, call us freely at (562) 372-4661 if you need our help in the 90723 area.